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Forex May roundup

Forex may roundup May has been an interesting month for forex. Over the past week, there was a possibility that Mariano Rajoy would be ousted as the Prime Minister of Spain due to corruption charges. (On Friday 1st June, he was.) Italy was grappling with a potential constitutional crisis over cabinet selection. China and the US are in a ‘trade war’. These factors affected currencies across the board.


By the last week of May, the Greenback dipped then rose, possibly because the Italy / Spain situations had traders using the USD as back-up. Monday and Tuesday were massive buying days, with a push to sell starting Wednesday. By 5.00 pm GMT on 1st June, it was the second-worst overall performer.


The first three weeks of May were kind on the Aussie dollar as it had consecutively good performances. However, by 6.00 a.m. GMT on the 1st of June, it was the second-weakest currency. In the last week, it nose-dived on Monday and Tuesday then rallied on Wednesday.


The Kiwi currency has had a rough six weeks, but in the last week of May, it gained strength. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand issued its Financial Stability Report. It stated that there are currently lots of new home loans, so the RBNZ intends to keep interest rates stable to avoid mass defaulting which could cripple the economy. This boosted confidence in the NZD and is expected to turn the month’s decline. The rise started on Wednesday the 30th though it dipped again when the Thursday ANZ Business Outlook Survey listed a drop in business confidence.


The pound was generally weak against its pairs in the last week of May. Friday promised the release of the PMI report on manufacturing, and it seems traders expected good things, so the pound gained. Speculations were right. Numbers were expected to drop slightly from 53.9 to 53.5. Instead, they overshot to 54.4, so overall, the pound had a good week.


The Loonie has been losing for most of May, and this doesn’t look set to change. The Bank of Canada report retained rates at 1.25%, defending their decision with an affirmation that high-interest rates are essential to match inflation. Their confidence caused a jump in CAD prices on Wednesday 30th. However, oil prices do seem to affect the CAD, and the Wednesday oil hike allegedly has a Russian influence. Unfortunately, those same oil prices sank on Thursday, dragging the Loonie down with them. The poor reading of the Canadian GDP report didn’t help.


Throughout May, the Euro has been on a losing streak, and the political turbulence in Europe hasn’t helped. Strangely, in the week when politics came to a head, the EUR finished third from the top regarding forex performance. Each development pushed the Euro up or down accordingly, but it seems the positive tone of the Euro Zone inflation report, the currency has stayed up, breaking the past four weeks of consecutive net losses.


The Yen is frequently pegged on the yields of low-risk bonds, so when bonds went up in the last week of May, the JPY took a hit. Between strengthening bonds, worries in Europe, and the US levying tariffs against China, Mexico, Canada, and the EU, the Yen was a net loser this month.
To learn more about forex trading, try our free demo, or open an account of your own, call IFM today on 1300 735 125.

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Advantages of Trading Forex

The misconceptions in using the top 3 FX technical indicators Why trading forex / CFDs is so popular and what are the key advantages.

Portfolio Diversification
Trading foreign exchange can provide portfolio diversification benefits to investors holding equity and fixed income assets. The foreign exchange markets are historically uncorrelated with asset markets. They may offer attractive trading returns when stock and bonds markets are in bearish or trendless states.

24-Hour Market
Unlike domestic markets, which are only open during specific times of the day, the global FX market is open 24 hours a day. This schedule provides plenty of flexibility for investors to react to market events as they occur and to trade on their own schedule.

Easy Accessibility?
Another advantage to the foreign exchange market is that it is one of the easiest markets for people to access around the globe. Depending on local regulation and a potential traders sophistication level and net worth, foreign exchange can be traded directly with banks and via FX brokers. In addition foreign exchange based futures and options are listed on exchanges and can be accessed through futures and securities accounts respectively.

Another advantage to investing in the foreign exchange market is the ability to gain leverage. Leverage is the ability to borrow and control more money than your initial investment. For example, if you were to invest $1 with 1:100 leverage, then you would only deposit $1 into an account but have returns as if you had invested $100 initially. How this relates to FX, is that in the FX market it is common to have high amounts of leverage when investing, where as other markets have much lower amounts of leverage normally used.
In the stock market it is common to use no leverage at all. Be careful though because even though returns are multiplied with leverage, so are risks and transaction costs.
The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Trading leveraged products is not suitable for all investors.

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The misconceptions in using the top 3 FX technical indicators

The misconceptions in using the top 3 FX technical indicators It’s a commonly held view that strategic analysis is the best approach to stock trading, especially in the field of forex. It’s important to observe, study, and review not just the technical aspects, but the political and cultural ones as well because they can all influence a country’s currency. Keeping good records of your analyses and focusing on strategic thinking can safeguard investors from making emotion-based decisions.

Our CEO, Oskar Pecyna, has some thoughts on technical indicators as they apply to forex trading. The three most popular indicators among forex analysts are moving average, RSI, and MACD. Each index has its proponents, but Mr Pecyna isn’t a big fan. He believes more firmly in identifying patterns and protecting your current asset base.

Moving Average
Some people describe moving average as a lagging indicator because it focuses on past prices, so in a sense, it ‘lags behind’. While claiming to be a method that measures and identifies trends, it works by averaging prices over a specific period. The average is then used to assess the potential direction a currency will move in.
Moving average may show the general flow of currency movement in terms of price, but it doesn’t explain why the numbers are moving up and down. These fluctuations don’t exist in vacuums. They may be affected by geopolitical factors, natural disasters, terrorist activity, or economic shifts. To study the prices in isolation is ineffective if you don’t look at outside issues that are pushing on your forex.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)
While the moving average is based on shifts in price, the RSI dwells on the rate of change. It’s described as a momentum oscillator because it measures how fast or slow prices vacillate. It’s measured between 0 and 100, with anything above 70 being considered as overbuying while going below 30 is overselling. RSI is used to assess divergence.
The context is to check for a slow-down in momentum which could guide a decision to buy or sell. The danger here is even if momentum wanes, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a shift in direction or reversal in pricing. A topping out or bottoming out isn’t automatically followed by movement in the opposite pathway. It could, but it doesn’t always.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
There are two types of moving average. SMA (Simple Moving Average) is a basic average: the sum of entries over the number of entries; while EMA (Exponential Moving Average) gives more weight to recent price recordings. MACD takes the 26-day EMA and subtracts the 12-day EMA. A 9-day EMA is obtained and compared to the previously calculated MACD.
Initially, MACD was used for stock trade, so its application to forex without considering how it differs from the stock market is a potential weakness. Also, traders who apply MACD to their forex trades are sometimes disadvantaged, because they can’t distinguish a ranging market from a trending market, so they can’t employ MACD effectively.
Mr Pecyna has a firm belief in technical trading tools, and we heavily rely on them here at IFM Trade. However, technical analysis without social and economic context is flawed at best and expensive at worst. As Mr Pecyna says, “History often repeats itself, prices of financial instruments inevitably move in trends, and the market discounts everything.”

For advice on the best way to trade forex, or to open your own trading account, call IFM Trade today on 1300 735 125.

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Fundamental Traits of a Solid Strategic Trader

Fundamental traits of solid strategic trader? When you first get into the forex market, you might hear that there are two main types of traders: short-term and long-term. Short-term traders focus on quick turnover, benefiting from minute differences and building collective margins. Long-term traders could sit on their assets for years, letting their value accumulate gradually.

Still, even within these groups, there’s a system. There are principles and characteristics that guide the way traders make their purchase and sale decisions. Some traders do it for fun, while others love the adrenal rush of high pressure and last-minute trades. Some traders have a more spontaneous approach, buying or selling in the moment.

Gut vs graph
Certain traders follow their instincts while others prefer to innovate and develop eccentric decision-making systems, with charts that include everything from humidity to the outfit their partner wore that day. Some traders plan every step of their trading process and others operate on the fly. Overall, there are 20 distinct trading personalities.
Here at IFM Trade, we swear by strategy. Our CEO, Oskar Pecyna, believes there are three main traits that a successful forex trader requires. These are:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Analytical thinking
  • Logic over luck

Look before you leap
Mr Pecyna believes observation is an important part of any trading strategy. You have to analyse the markets and develop a logical trading plan. He quotes Paul Tudor Jones, who famously follows an asset preservation strategy. “Don’t focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have.”
We are all human, and emotion can get in the way of making sound financial decisions. Mr Pecyna advises that we stick to the plan and test every step on the basis of logic. If you’re constantly assessing yourself, you’re aware of every move you’re making.

Key benefits to trading with us
There are many reason people choose us over others. Yes we have the worlds most popular trading platform, super fast execution, NO requotes, super tight spreads, high leverage options safety of funds and fast deposit and withdrawal. But what makes us stand out? We are not just a forex broker. Many of our clients trade shares, option and futures or like the security of a manged fund. The ability to be able to diversify your investment capital is what people really like. All this is available with us and the costs are too competitive to resist.

Question your decisions
Look at every trading choice to see whether you can justify it with logic. If not, it’s possible that emotion snuck its way in, and it may be time for course-correction. You also require an intellectual perspective and a willingness to learn. Track patterns in the market and your own behaviour. This includes your own mistakes.
When you analyse everything, including the successes and failures of past trades, you can begin to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can leverage both for better profits. Of course, an analysis is only the first step. You need to collate what you’ve observed and create a solid strategy to cash in on opportunities.

Macro aims and micro goals
Mr Pecyna advises that as you develop your forex trading strategy start with a written set of broad objectives. Narrow these down into detailed targets and goals. These should be personal end-game results defined on your own basis and not influenced by peers or market suggestions. By keeping your process intrinsic, you are less likely to be swayed by trends.
This doesn’t mean you should ignore market trends. They are a key trading metric, and you’re bound to notice them as part of your analytical observations. However, treat these forex fads as insights rather than deciders. Take them as pointers that feed into your strategy, instead of seeing them as tipping factors in themselves.

To learn more about strategic trading, or to open your trading account, call IFM Trade today on 1300 735 125.

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We are new to this space but not new to the market

We are new to this space What do you look for in a trading partner? Integrity, honesty, reliability and forward thinking? Here at IFM Trade, we believe in providing our clients with the tools they will need to become knowledgeable, giving them the best chance to succeed in the markets. Together with our partners we are always looking for new ways to improve our offering and to find new technologies to improve our customers experience.

We’ve been in business since 2012, but our experience stretches far beyond that. Our staffers have worked in the industry for decades, and we have access to additional support from offices around the world making us a global powerhouse in the trading and investment space. Here are a few of the ways we make life easier for our clients.

We make it easy to open accounts
Because we’ve been in this business for a while, we know the hardest step in trading is getting started. Customers may have heard that it’s possible to make millions in trading, but they don’t know where to begin. We make it easy to open a live account. If you are not ready to jump in and would like to test the waters first, we also offer a demo account where you can trade risk free for 30 days. Once you are ready to take a leap of faith, all that is required is valid ID which your account manager will instruct you on what to provide. You can open your account online, and you never need to visit our offices. You can simply use a high resolution digital camera, a smartphone, or a scanner, to photograph your identification documents and send them to us. Everyone has a device of choice, and here at IFM Trade, we work with yours. Our IFM Web Trader lets you log into your browser from any location. Our Meta Trader 4 app allows you to either trade on your mobile phone or your computer. This versatility lets you work on the gadget that is most comfortable for you.

We avail multiple instruments and good leverage
Once a client has opened their account, they may still face paralysis by analysis. Fearing to lose money, they may do so much research that they don’t actually trade. We ease their inception by offering live chat guidance, webinars, and instructional articles right here on our website. For clients who don’t have adequate funds to trade, we offer a maximum leverage of 500:1, drastically widening their trading pool. But it must be noted with high leverage comes higher risk so strong risk management strategies are import. Under certain terms, we even offer an option for clients to double their deposit, which gives them more to trade with. Our support team is available day and night, five days a week to guide you through the qualification process for our double bonus feature. We also offer lots of different instruments, which is helpful for all levels of investors. You can trade forex, equities, gold, silver, cryptocurrency, and commodities CFD, all in one place.

We secure client funds
Another factor clients worry about is where exactly their cash is at any one time. We keep our clients’ deposits in a segregated client account at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. This means their funds are always separated from our company funds, which assures them of more security and that goes a long way in earning our clients’ trust.

To get to know us better or open your own trading account, visit our IFM Trade Today.
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Who are we?

Who we are? Intelligent Financial Markets Pty Ltd (IFM Trade) is a financial institution based in Australia and supported by global partnerships. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Shanghai and we facilitate international trade transactions for our clients.

Unlike the noisy, chaotic trading floors in the movies, IFM Trade allows you to trade at your convenience, right on your computer or mobile device. We facilitate trade in multiple instruments including gold, silver, forex, commodities CFD, bitcoin, and global equities.

Getting started
You may be unsure of where to start, but you’re safe with us. We offer webinars, live chat support, and a step by step guide that will walk you through everything from opening an account to how to purchase your first instrument. You don’t need much to get started, since the minimum deposit is just $200, and we have an option to double your deposit if you qualify. We’ve been in business since 2012, and we are fully certified by ASIC (Australian Securities & Investment Commission) and AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence 426359). While trading in the markets success is never guaranteed, we do our best to provide you with the right tools to help you get there. All your deposits are held in a segregated client bank account at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. This essentially means client funds and company funds are completely separated, so any financial challenges the company faces will not affect your cash deposits.

Why you can trust us
Here at IFM Trade, we have built a reputation as one of the most experienced MT4 broker in Australia. We offer multiple trading platforms including our browser-based IFM Web Trader and our app-based Meta Trader 4 for mobile or desktop. We offer low spread in all our instruments, and we provide maximum leverage of 500:1 to boost your trading efforts. If you get stuck at any point, we have support staff always ready to assist. Our bilingual customer care agents are available 24 hours a day, five days a week. The assistance you get will always be personalised, because every live client gets their own individual account manager to work through any issues they may have.

Key benefits to trading with us
There are many reason people choose us over others. Yes we have the worlds most popular trading platform, super fast execution, NO requotes, super tight spreads, high leverage options safety of funds and fast deposit and withdrawal. But what makes us stand out? We are not just a forex broker. Many of our clients trade shares, option and futures or like the security of a manged fund. The ability to be able to diversify your investment capital is what people really like. All this is available with us and the costs are too competitive to resist.

To get to know us better, open your live trading account

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Learn how to trade with IFM Trade’s series of Webinars

The Foundation of Trading the Financial Markets – Starting from Scratch. Recorded webinar hosted by IFM Trade

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What’s the deal with Cryptocurrencies?

With Ethereum’s next challenge to reach $467, Bitcoin’s change in vitality in recent times has had an inflated impact on Ethereum which currently has a lot of interest from the financial industry. Will it continue with this significant growth? Time will tell.

By Oskar Pecyna, CEO, IFM Trade

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic recently being widely discussed in the mainstream media. While Ether and Bitcoin are being purchased mainly by individual investors, the combined value of all Ether and Bitcoin is now worth more than the market capitalisation of PayPal and is considerably approaching the size of Goldman Sachs.

But what is the story behind this hype? In simple terms investors buying Ether are placing a bet that people and companies will want to use the Ethereum computing capabilities and will need the Ether to do so. On the other hand Bitcoin has made its way to the mainstream commerce, with companies like Subway or Expedia accepting Bitcoin for purchases.

Bitcoin is renowned but Ether is becoming a pretender to take over the leader position of the cryptocurrencies market. It has already surpassed long established Litecoin which was the second biggest cryptocurrency of the world for years. A number of investors are now focusing on Ripple and Dash seeing the potential, following the growths obtained by Etherum and Bitcoin. The best strategy would be to diversify and potentially switch long and short positions on single cryptocurrencies as there seems to be a lot of volatility on the market which affects each of those currencies differently.

Currently after weeks of growth it seems that the cryptocurrency market is facing a correction. It might be bad news for the holders of the actual cryptocurrency, but a great opportunity for traders on cryptocurrency based CFDs giving a flexibility of short sell and leverage position when needed.

Just recently, the cryptocurrency powering Ethereum blockchain was heading towards the title of the world’s largest by market capitalisation, making Ethereum the most valuable public blockchain. But, suddenly in mid-June its price dropped from $415 peak to $292 in 24 hours, an impressive 32% decline. Due to this move, Ethereum’s market cap fell to less than 62% of bitcoin’s, down from more than 82% mid-month.

Source: Coinbase and coinmarketcap

As of today, ETH/USD is traded at $236.30 as shown above (as of 08.46 a.m. GMT) which started off its trading day with a 5.09% depreciative value.

Acknowledging the influx of media coverage of cryptocurrencies, Oskar Pecyna, CEO of  IFM Trade, indicated that IFM Trade sees an increased interest in CFDs based on cryptocurrencies. Being one of the few platforms covering such a wide scope of them (Bitcoin, Litecoin, both Euthereum types, Dash and Ripple) it naturally attracts traders interested in diversifying their portfolio into multiple cryptocurrencies.

“We offer leverage that allows entry into the cryptocurrencies trading with a smaller starting capital. Such structure combined with a short selling option is an interesting set-up for traders expecting corrections on the rallying cryptocurrency prices.”, he said.

Previously, analysts have envisaged that Ether would surpass Bitcoin, estimating in some cases that this could take place during this year. And despite Ether’s recent price drop, many analysts still believe this will be the case.

Tim Enneking, managing director of Cryptocurrency hedge fund, Crypto Asset Fund, was quite sure that Ether is still on track to becoming the market leader: “Ethereum will still take over top spot in terms of market cap from Bitcoin before the end of the year,” and he called recent Ether price movements “a bit of consolidation before the next push”.

Marius Rupsys, a cryptocurrency trader and co-founder of fintech startup InvoicePool, offered a similar opinion: “I still believe that [Ether] is moving to become largest by market cap. It will not happen in a day, but it is getting there,” he said.

With Ethereum’s next challenge to reach $467, Bitcoin’s change in vitality in recent times has had an inflated impact on Ethereum which currently has a lot of interest from the financial industry. Will it continue with this significant growth? Time will tell.

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“We believe in an open market” – a new player in the Forex market

We are proud to introduce to an Australian market a new brand IFM Trade, offering the access to multiple financial markets. What distinguishes us is a comprehensive offer of ultra-tight spreads on our range of Forex, Indices, Global Equities and Commodity markets, with over 470 instruments to trade including Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Transparency is our business model: we pride ourselves on our exemplary regulatory track record and always strive to do the right thing.

Solid foundation
We operate since 2012 giving clients an access to wide range of financial markets. December 2016 is another milestone in our road to cater for all our client needs. We are proud to introduce a brand new offering allowing our clients an access to Forex and CFDs market. We have focused on a wide range of instruments which reflect markets of interest of our clients: currencies, stock indices, commodities and global single stock CFD. We rely heavily on the education of both our current clients and any potential customers who want to start trading.

Wide range of tools
We offer a wide range of tools and an offer which is a result of complex analysis of our clients suggestions and the market standards. You will get variable spreads starting from 0.0 pips, available not only for 65 currency pairs but also such innovative products as Bitcoin and single stock CFDs.

Transparency is our key value
“Our priority is to provide the wide range of services to every customer at any stage of cooperation from a new account registration to the withdrawal of potential profits” – Oskar Pecyna (CEO).
“For us transparency is a key value. We believe that this is the only way forward for the industry as a whole. This is what separates us from the rest of the field – a business model that prioritises the on-going success of our clients and a desire to lead by example.”

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